Friday, November 4, 2011



I find the thought of deep space travel intoxicating and fascinating. However, I've got almost no guts at all. I'm not sure I'd have the courage to leave this beautiful planet Earth, with it's blue skies and caressing winds. But I don't think I can imagine a greater adventure than to travel across the galaxy to experience an alien world.

How about you? Would you leave the earth to experience another world?

And a follow up question: What if leaving meant you could never see Earth again?


  1. I like to travel, I don't seem to be afraid of average things and I don't get bored easily, so I think I would go - never to return - given the chance.

    The technical details of setting up life without earth is astounding, however. Without petroleum, what are going to build literally EVERYTHING - uniforms, gloves, eyeglasses, computer keyboard, aspirin - out of? Supplies will eventually run out, and the chance of recreating civilisation without earth's resources is impossible to imagine.

  2. As beautiful as the world of outer space is, I would stay firmly and securely on planet Earth. Everything out there is so stunningly gorgeous and incredibly huge, and I feel small enough already. Don't get me wrong, I'm not scared of what's out there, I just believe we were made to see it all from right here, from a distance, and to never see EVERYTHING.
    No, I'm good right here on Earth, where God set me. And here is where I shall stay.

  3. Oh and your follow up question.
    ESPECIALLY if it meant that I would have to leave Earth forever. Our home is just so mysterious and intriguing and unknown and we don't even know SO much about it all.

  4. Space scares me. A lot. I mean the star's are gorgeous, and mysterious worlds are intriguing but it's still too scary for me to even think of traveling it. I also agree with Jordan, I already feel small enough, I don't need to be right next to a star to understand that. I would defiantly not go if I could never ever return! Maybe...just maybe...I would travel in space for a few months, then return safe and sound. That's my ideal.

  5. I would not lose a heartbeat to make my decision on going in such an enterprise, even if that would mean not returning to earth (if I just could go with my wife and daughters).

  6. I would love to go travel in outer space. My boyfriend would call me a dork but I'm intrigued by everything outside of Earth. I would love to see different galaxies. Maybe this is related to my Star Wars obsession?