Tuesday, May 15, 2012

 For the longest time, the only way to write was to use these: 

Then people moved on to these:

That worked pretty well, until these came along:

And suddenly people could buy these:

Pretty soon people were writing with these:

And the system worked pretty well for a while. Until these came along:

And now everyone is reading with these:

But absolutely none of this could have happened without this:

So when you think about it, the alphabet is the most amazing invention of them all.


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  2. Do you ever get the urge to edit the alphabet? I mean, if we can say "fff" by combining p and h then just get rid of f. If we worked at it I bet we could get this bad boy down to 18 letters.

  3. We could probably do without the Y, I suppose. The I can take care of everything. But then I'd have to spell my name Ami Rian.