Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Yesterday was my seventh wedding anniversary, so today hubby and I took a break from being parents and drove to a nearby touristy town to walk around. There were lots of cute shops with colorful merchandise, and plenty of fun stuff to see and people to watch. It was wonderfully freeing to be out and about, wandering around, with nowhere to be, nothing to do, no stinky diapers to change. It was a full day of playing hooky.

We had a beautiful lunch at a mediterranean restaurant, and seriously considered buying some totally awesome lighting fixtures for our house. I thought about a nifty twirly-kite looking thingy for our entryway, and I bought some sandals. It felt like when we were first married, when we had no obligations and life was mostly just about having fun together and making each other laugh. It felt great.

But right around nap time, when it would be time to cuddle my sweethearts and sing them to sleep, I started missing them SO MUCH! There is something so addictive about your children. Their smell, their laugh, their smile... If you're away from them too long you go into withdrawal. So I phoned the sitter and found out they had a good lunch and played hard outside and were basically having a lovely break from being parented. Just like daddy and mommy, maybe they needed a little space too.

When hubby and I walked in the door, though, it was all hugs and kisses and a few minutes of desperate competing for the first cuddle from Mommy and Daddy. I could tell they missed us too.

So all in all, a very good day. Would it have been quite so good a day though if they hadn't so clearly missed us? I don't think so. It's a little selfish of me, but I'm glad they wanted me when I wasn't there.

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  1. Sweet post. I still miss mine when we haven't hung out for a bit. Can't wait for the reunion with Jack in Istanbul soon! I remember the times when one of the boys would cry as we dropped him off at nursery school. But they are little imps too--a couple of times when I snuck back in, they would already be playing and having a great time on their own. Happy Anniversary!