Thursday, June 13, 2019

New Series: What Can I Do? Plant a Tree.

So I've been thinking a lot about the state of our environment. Seems that things aren't going too well.
So instead of listing all the horrors, I'm going to write my blog posts centered around the question: What can I do?

Here's an idea: Plant a tree!

I have a big sunny back yard with a mature aspen tree that has been sending up pesky shoots. We decided to let five of the baby trees grow, and they are already over seven feet tall! Soon we will have a place to hang a hammock. More birds will have places to nest. We'll have shade to relax in. The trees cut down on traffic noise from the road near our house. And best of all, these extra trees will eat up all kinds of carbon dioxide!

Once, the earth was positively covered with forests. Since the agricultural revolution, people have been cutting into the Earth's lungs to make room for human crops. These crops do indeed also sequester CO2, but not as effectively as trees. What's worse, modern agriculture has destroyed the soil all over the world, and you know what active organic soil is good at? You guessed it! Sequestering CO2 and breathing out nice oxygen!

Now it's time for us to start undoing that damage. Mayor Bloomberg spent his term as New York City mayor planting one million trees. I used to live in New York, and I made a recent trip back there for a visit. I hardly recognized the drive in from JFK airport. All those TREES!! My taxi driver was so excited about it! I can tell you without a doubt the city is much more beautiful with greenery. It's shady and fragrant, and there are sounds of the wind rustling leaves that counteract all those harsh traffic sounds. It's only going to get better as those trees mature!

Even if you don't have a yard to plant a tree, you can help pay for other people to plant them! Below is a list of charities that need funds so they can go out and plant all kinds of gorgeous saplings all over the Earth! Give those kids something to climb! Even a few bucks helps!

Don't get depressed! Get going!


Look at this study that just came out! They identified places where forests could be restored, and how many trees could be planted there. These trees could consume 2/3 of the carbon released into the atmosphere by humans. Follow the link:

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